Love's Vagrant
I'm Blaine;
21, Libra, Female, INFP.
Dubbed as a "dork," I love video games, anime, manga, animals, food, and books. I make edits and gifs in my free time which is a lot of the time. I absolutely love cuddles and hugs.

Status: On Hiatus

They mean the world to me.

I also adore all my friends ;~;
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I’m just giving you guys an update. I still don’t feel like coming on here that much or at all. I am doing a lot better but I still have my days. I’m done with my outpatient program and I felt so happy to leave since I learned so much but now a couple days I’m done with it, I’m starting to feel down again. Anyway, if you want to reach me, its easier to reach me here. I’ve also made an instagram so if you want to follow, its here.

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"Compress your Djinn's large powers into your own body and allow yourself to materialize as your own Djinn.That is basics of using a Djinn!!" Sinbad

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